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The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Accounting Information

Instruction: Debate:  The Efficient Market Hypothesis and Accounting Information It has been argued that by the time financial statements are issued, the market price of shares already reflects the information contained in them; hence, accounting information is not relevant. Present arguments that given the EMH, accounting information is relevant. Template: Introduction Summary (claim/argument)How is it […]

ethical dilemma

student should select a real ethical dilemma faced by a business or executive. identify the moral dilemma, investigate why they are dilemmas; recommend an approach to solve the problem, and justify their recommendation.  The paper include 1) descriptions of the facts of the case, the importance of the issues, an identification of the key players […]

Journal Entry for Class 9

1.Thinking about your team projects, what have you learned about teaming that can help you in your business life? Share at least 1 example to illustrate your findings. 2.As you research opportunities in stakeholder capitalism, how has your perspective on the purpose of a business changed since Class 1 (if at all)? reading: https://hbr.org/2015/01/get-the-boss-to-buy-in

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read and carefully review Chapter#4 “Measuring Performance Metrics” and the 2-supplemental articles on Metrics and Benchmarking. Please develop a well written response summarizing the information (key points) as described in the assigned reading materials. Specifically, focus on benchmarks/metrics that one would consider significant in the provision of Respiratory Care related services. Your focus can […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read the article and use as resource. Think about a recent situation that caused change in your life and you had to communicate it to someone (moving, taking a new job, having a baby, buying a new car, allowing your teen to drive with a permit, trying a new sport, etc.). From a communication management […]

Reflection 2

Formatting your paper in APA style means that you should include the following: a title page, running heads, page numbers, double-spaced text, indentation, and a reference list on a separate page if any. You do NOT need to include an abstract, nor introduction, literature review, or discussion/conclusion. Part 1: The Dark Side Throughout the semester […]

Wholistic Leadership

Locate three peer reviewed, empirical articles related to the potential broad topic area of your dissertation. Remember, your topic area must align with your degree program. Select only articles that have been published within the last 2-3 years and that could logically be included in the literature review of your dissertation. Write a brief description […]

Ethical Decision Making and Hiring

The body of your paper: (3 Pages total BODY in length)-Your thoughts should be supported with relevant course content and library research. Explain the differences, importance, and purpose of both the code of conduct and the code of ethics. -Secondly, tell me about some of the factors that you would use to make ethical hiring […]

Operational Plan

a.    Create a restaurant training manual outline to assist in orientation and training Use the following headings: restaurant knowledge, mission, history (should you consider you restaurant a new concept rather than established you can focus on the importance of the location), staff roles, steps of service for FOH & BOH, menu description for staff.i.    Provide […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Briefly summarize your theoretical understanding of globalization (its definition, processes, and effects) based on the theoretical readings Analyze the two stories referenced below to explain how attributes such as sex, class, race, location, culture, and religion impact peoples individual and collective experiences of and responses to globalization. Your analysis should discuss specific people/characters, events, and […]

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